Moz Local Review – Does It Work?

This post has received some criticism that I “gamed” the end result by mistreatment the weird case of a 2 businesses with identical address and telephone number. whereas I agree that the bulk of companies won’t have this issue, there still may be a large swath of them that do. we have a tendency to take care of them a day. That said, if you’re one in every of the lucky businesses that’s not suffering from this type of factor, then your results with Moz native can probably diverge.)

Last year, native SEO Guide paid Moz native regarding $17,000. Our primary goal was to use it as a one-stop search to push a number of our clients’ data to the most information listings aggregators. whereas the service worked for our desires, it had been not while not its share of hiccups. Our contract is up for renewal and before we have a tendency to committed to a different year, we have a tendency to needed to form certain it had been getting to be a worthy investment. thus we have a tendency to determined to run a check to ascertain however its most current version works.

We tend to induce difficult SEO cases for multi-location businesses and that we needed to ascertain however the newest version of milliliter handled a standard case for USA – listings that have overlapping NAP information with different connected businesses.

On August eleventh, we have a tendency to purchased a MozLocal arrange for Locadium, our new GMB modification alert service. Before then there have been solely a number of sites that had Locadium NAP data indexed in Google like the CA Secretary of State web site. The business had been incorporated in February 2017 however none of the aggregators had picked it up nevertheless and it had been on none of the highest native directories. It had the precise same telephone number and address as native SEO Guide, Inc. and Backfence Media, Inc. (a corporation that has been defunct for many years). I ought to note, before this check none of those businesses had listings in Neustar Localeze, Acxiom or InfoGroup. Here’s what happened:


MozLocal got Locadium into InfoGroup, Acxiom, and doubtless CitySearch, DexKnows, InsiderPages, and at intervals a few month.
In cases wherever native SEO Guide, Inc. and Backfence Media had existing listings, Moz native known them as “Inconsistent” versions of the Locadium pages and provided no method for USA to stay them as separate business listings.
In some cases, MozLocal known new Locadium listings it helped produce as “Duplicates” of the LSG and Backfence listings and provided no choice to correct this.
when 2 months, we have a tendency to were well-read by milliliter that there was a minimum of a 2 month delay in obtaining updates into Factual which Neustar Localeze wouldn’t take our listing as a result of they already had a list for USA, albeit they didn’t.

“Record scratch” – Let’s begin at the beginning:

August eleventh, 2017
No GMB or Facebook Page – No MozLocal Verification
MozLocal won’t enable a business while not a GMB or Facebook page to use its service. They use these pages as verification that the business is legit. It’s in all probability not traditional for a business beginning out with milliliter to not have one in every of these however Locadium had neither. we have a tendency to were fascinated by seeing however long it might take Google to auto-create a GMB page for USA. We’re still waiting.

It took nineteen days for milliliter to verify Locadium’s Facebook page. i believe this has one thing to try and do with however long it took Facebook to feature Locadium to its Places API. It took Google regarding 3 days to index the Locadium Facebook page. Oddly, the primary versions it indexed were Russian (#FAKE NEWS).

Apparently as a result of each LSG and Locadium have identical telephone number and address, milliliter understood the LSG Superpages listing as a relevant profile with conflicting NAP information. this can be a decent factor to denote as it’s quite common for businesses to possess a problem like this for a spread of reasons. I clicked back to MozLocal and was ready to be offered the choice of “Ignore listing” or “Different Business at Same Address” or one thing like that. i used to be not offered any thanks to resolve this example.

Quickly thenceforth the dashboard updated to indicate milliliter had found listings for Locadium on each better of the online and HotFrog. These 2 were additionally native SEO Guide, Inc. listings.

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